It is Hard for us to Move Forward when our Memories are Pulling us Back.

It is Hard for us to Move Forward when our Memories are Pulling us Back
To move forward and improve on  welfare is something that many of us are striving for.
But the memory retention often give us difficulties due to bad experiences that we think from ourselves or others from the past.
The past has already happened and if we are wise , we have learned from it , so we should not be more fear, let's move away and forget it.
Every start of something will be totally new again with different experiences and events , the experience we've gained from the past will be just a plus point for us.
If there is a similar situation in the past happen again then we already know how to handle it so that is a positive advantages for us.
Never let our memory pulling us back if we intend to do something new, make a decision and then go for it
The road to success or better prosperity is simply ever be accompanied by setbacks and failures, but persistence will pays in the end.
Always think back will give confusions of ​​both good and bad moments, because the times have changed now and more possibilities in modern times than at the past.
Start something new, and the remembrance gift will only be a reminder for us to think to move forward and proceed with a future-oriented mind.
We should be demanding to ourselves and "don't drag old cows out of the ditch", so the road is open to think for the future.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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