Do Not Wait till the Absence only we will Realize the Presence.

Do Not Wait till the Absence only we will Realize the Presence

Often we do not realize by our own at this moment how rich and happy we are, no matter what circumstances we are in, because it could always be more worse.
And then we will think yes but also better and that's true, because certainly we will find it normal to make for improvements, but by aggravations we start to complain easily.
All we possess now, we already have it definitely, so we can directly enjoy from it.
But often it's all become too common and we are not easy to satisfy with ourselves, until we lose it, then we wake up and realize what has been lost.
We must first walk against the wall to feel the pain and realize that there is always an end to something which can be due to some particular reason.
There was a wall that stood in the way and our passage were blocked, so we had to walk against a wall to realize that it's hurts when we want to force the impossible things to happen.
Enforce in relationships or orders to do things can also lead to an end and when we recognize it's too late already.
Enjoy every minute of our life with mirth and fun to each other in a peaceful environment where love prevails.
Before we aware of it, everything may already be in the past so we only can think of the memories to realize the absence.
Be satisfied one hundred percent with what we have now is very important in our life, everyone always want to possess more which is a healthy concept, but forcing something will always take its toll.
Try to realize that we are lucky and should be happy, because many are still suffering more worse than us.
Hold in esteem over what we have now in order to receive a great satisfaction to make us happy for a richer future and victory in gratification.
Do not wait until we need to face with the absence of something, then only we realize how important was the presence.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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