Always Compare Ourselves against Others will Reduce our Satisfaction.

Always Compare Ourselves against Others will Reduce our Satisfaction
Comparison is something that is completely unnecessary, because everyone is different and no one is exactly the same.
Every man may meet his match and that's just life, but we are all equal with the same functions which is needed to stay alive, so no one can be excluded.
Some think that they are more than other, but that's overconfidence in their mind, because more money is not guarantee to have more knowledge.
The rights and obligations is normally the same for everyone, so why jealous of others and that is also completely unnecessary.
We do not need those who think that we are inferior to them in our life, because if we have more than them later,  their character will also never change.
The haughtiness that these people possess is present in their character and it will only serve as an indication for us to not act like this, otherwise we will not have peace with it.
People who always belittle or humiliate others because of their origin or status, and then they get satisfaction from it, is an imperfection of their education experience at a global level.
That is short-sighted thinking, because we are not all born with wealth and intelligence, if that is so then we should be happy and very satisfied with it.
Liken ourselves against others, just because of our eyes and minds note that they have it better, will only cause dissatisfaction for us.
Living our own life and do so at its best, never compare us with others, because the grass is always greener and more beautiful by the neighbors.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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