Parachute Will not Works When it Remains Closed.

Parachute Will not Works When it Remains Closed.
Speaking with the highest tone can be nice in a society, but everything what we want to tell, we already know it, and if we listen to others, there is the possibility for us to learn or discover something new.
We need to open our mind to accept and listen to the word of opinions from others.
For some it may not be the music to their ears, but it is an added value to our life, so we have to learn and listen new accessible things for us though the reaction, its doesn't matter even it can be good or bad.
We will always hear something new from various thoughts and different views on life, in fact we can broaden our horizons of knowledge by listening to them.
So we also can learn to communicate with others and realize if we do something foolish or formulate a wrong tone by our own expression, then we are able to improve from there.
Always listen from others can give us a wise idea by the nature of the person, so we will learn and know exactly how to make a choice for the words to tell and which tones is better to be used against certain people around us.
In order to have good communication, when someone speak loud to us and we don't like that because its too rough, we should know how to soften our voice and try to listen from them.
To manifest something to others about an object which actually will make ourselves ebullience interested, so we'd like to share it with others, the more we explain it in a peaceful proficient manners, the better we can let others understand it.
It will also be more understandable among us and they do not find it annoying when we start talking, because our subjects are often very informative and enlarging the intelligence.
Be always open to listen from others and let them tell their problems through heart feelings, everyone may need sometimes to tell their story.
Many things in life will not function properly if we are uninterested to listen or approaching it, so we are actually ignoring an opportunity for our own enhancement in life.
Listen to others will learn to know them better, this give everyone a chance to understand the value of their friendship.
Jumping out of a plane without a parachute is suicide, but to go as a parachutist without open it is the failure to follow or listening to the instructions for a good landing.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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