Life is Depends on How we React to what Happen to Us.

Life is Depends on How we React to what Happen to Us
Self-control is so important in our daily life, sometimes we have to swallow the pain twice and count to ten before we can respond decently at something back.
We can also come in a specific situating in which better not to replicate and ignore everything because it will only lead us to insurmountable woes.
Every action can trigger a reaction so a good skills assessment is very important, because the mistake on error estimation can give drastic change for our life.
But walking on our toes throughout the day is not good, so we should know how to sojourn in every right occasions where peace and tranquility reigns.
Almost everything depends on our own attitudes and how we response to a psychological experience.
Many things we have no influence or control, but control of ourselves is something that within our own power.
Therefore, life is sometimes difficult especially when we get ourselves into a complicated and emotional situation when the repercussion is reflective on our mood.
These are difficult times in our life where a two minds battle may prevails so an entire self-control is needed to prevent more woes.
Extremely sensitive situations with passionate disposition related to the family circle or love relationships can create an irreversible reaction, where we can do something wrong by emotions and then its too late for an apology.
In such reality, we know that we have gone over the line but there is no way back and an apology can not directly recover the inner damage completely.
Be emotionally touched will have deep influence on us and others, make it seem like as we falling in a bottomless hole where we cannot find the way to climb out of it.
Those are the moments where we need to be hard for ourselves and tenderness for others, because every person will feel inner pain, a composure and serenity mind is what we all desperately needed.
Everything is depends on collective responses from us to the occurrences and these will give a huge impact for our life.
Therefore, friendly and trusted relationships are very important in our life that every human mistake or experience jointly with tears or a smile for a good denouement.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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