Regrets are just a wasteful Thoughts, do Not let it Affect our Spirit.

Regrets are just a wasteful Thoughts, do Not let it Affect our Spirit
What's done is done, so an appropriate solution and apology should be sufficient to purify our mind.
Whether we want let it continue to haunt us so that it will always remain in our train of thought, but then we will never be able to redeemed the mistakes we have made in the past.
Everyone makes mistakes in life and some do it consciously, but if we make it unconsciously with an innocent mind, we must also have no permanent regrets.
Let bygones be bygones and our life goes on, even though it will certainly affect our future, but it will not come back or never be repeated in the same way.
So we can learn from it and improve ourselves and to realize that we have done something wrong with others, which have harmed and hurt them before.
We can give our inner expression of regret and if they not accepted it, then this is not a friendly relationship and there is little inclination to the acceptance for our pricks of conscience.
If we thus continue to walk around in our mind, then we will always get back the same spiritual appearance and this will never give us the inner peace.
Have the vitality to ask for forgiveness can clean our thought from the mistake we made.
But those with the personality and spirit mentality will not accept our excuse, then the state of mind between us can never be improved so the best sensible solution is to leave each other for a peaceful mind.
Our intention is to say what's on our souls in spite of guilty, and then that word of excuses is not accept will be a sign of stubborn.
This view of another is not intelligent to let our thoughts hang around in contemplation, because this is in our own detriment.
Do not keep it in our mind and remove it, because the repentance of mutual sympathy is not there and it will only be a wasteful mind which create sadness and heartache.
Regret to ourselves when we look into the mirror after we have done something wrong, because we know that we can do it more better in a peaceful way.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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