Always Keep with Us the Candle That can Wipe Away our Darkness

Always Keep with Us the Candle That can Wipe Away our Darkness
Life has many beautiful sides and by having the positive attitude, we can also make the best of it.
But life has also been less fun and have dark sides in which everyone would have been through of it.
And anyone can solve these problems by acute obscure and continue to stay positively to ensure that we have built a friendly relationship which we can count on during difficulties.
An organized life is important at such time so that we can have all the pieces to complete the puzzle.
Always look for the candle that can wipe out our darkness so that we can solve our problem quickly then everything will be lights up again.
We often think that darkness only happens to us but that is not true, because the sun will not always shining for all of us.
In many cases, it often shows like this, but that's because no one 'Air their dirty laundry in public', everybody only want to display their beautiful side to the outside world.
Always be prepared for the worst in our life, especially when we shoulder the responsibilities to others, whom we do not like to disappoint them.
If others rely on us when they are facing with their problems, we should not see it as the negative but even appreciate this more because it is a sign that they have trust on us.
And we are the candle for them in the darkness that gives them hope to awaken from a problem where also we all can be exposed in, to come into contact with the light again.
No one can be excluded from having the darkness hour in life but never worry because a "burning candle" which represents our good relationship will always be there for us.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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