Never Underestimate Others, because Eyes are the Windows of Our Soul.

Never Underestimate Others, because Eyes are the Windows of Our Soul
Eyes shows the instructions of our body, a good martial arts fighter does not pay attention to our body but instead will continue to look into our eyes.
As our eyes will find an open target to attack, its also can be discovered from the third party, so they will know which action and what we are going to do.
A good martial arts fighter can response to the reaction of our eyes, even before we perform any action.
Then will be said afterwards, that was a quickly reaction by he/she on what kind of martial arts they have been trained?
But it was their cleverness by reading the eyes which can give the speedy reaction.
Therefore, many poker players use to wear sunglasses and a baseball cap together to camouflage their facial expression to protect their poker hand combination.
Nothing can be hidden from our eyes, so try not to underestimate others, because it is connected with our emotions and heart which pass signals to the brains.
If there are bad motives from our heart, it is also easy for others to know what we think from our eyes and personal attitude.
There are also people who are trained and a poker-face or possess actor talents, we can be deceived, because eyes are the windows of their soul, but these kind of people do not have a good soul which can last longer.
Our eyes are very important organs of perception which uses the signals of light and transmit to the brains.
Eye has six muscles that make influences to our movement which come into our eye sight .
Thereby we can read the blinking eyes and moving eyebrows from both the muscles around the eye to observe somebody's mind.
This transmits the emotional informational signals from our heart over to others.
Our inner identity can then be recognized, because that is a reflection of our internal feelings.
This may be our motive power to others, but it is also a disadvantage for us because if someone has bad intentions, then they can read from our eyes and physical gesture.
Never underestimate others and take care so we will not let our innocent eyes to be the reason for a mistake, because that will be not good for our soul.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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