Best Teamwork is Always Works Together and Not Against Each Other.

Best Teamwork is Always Works Together and Not Against Each Other
Many hear about teamwork and want to be a team member, but in practical it turns out that they do not know how it works.
They have heard a lot how to get it scored, however it is the same as hearing the church bell sound, but do not know where the bell clapper hangs.
But that team accomplishment sounds good to the ears and is constantly in their minds, because get to the top is their pursuit so if there are no opportunities to turn right then they look for the left side.
Many were informed about it and try to join in a team, but they found out that there are too much demands over their ability as a team player.
They not been fully realized about the fact that everybody in a team needs to have about the same capacities or at least having the ability the fill up the gap that is missing inside the team.
Works together so that the performance can be increased and thus can benefit everyone, so everybody is happy with the new addition to the team.
A good atmosphere and cooperation with each other are the prerequisites in a team, so someone with a lot of knowledge and experience but they not plan to collaborate, will not be a successful choice for the team.
An individual companion who is only of self-interest and personal achievements will not fit into a group which is always aim to succeed in achieving something together.
With such a loner that only want to enrich themselves, the entire team will gets into trouble, because everybody else in the team want to share and divide everything together to reach for the top position.
Anyone can thereby being demotivated by that person and therefore not be able to perform because that individual does not comply as a team member, so it is not worthy to let them participate in our team.
This is a major obstruction to many positive and motivated team members who are all disappointed with the attitude of a character that will not give credits to another people in their team.
So this team member used others for self-interest, with the result that everyone is against this individual
And rightly so, because teamwork is works together and not against each other.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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