Find a Way to Rise in Every Time we Fall will give us the Greatest Glory

Find a Way to Rise in Every Time we Fall will give us the Greatest Glory
There are times which is so hard in life to find the right balance for everything, because sometimes it seems as if everything is in balance, but then there is something wrong somewhere which can affect our life.
Every time we fall and rise again, we learn to walk, so that's a good lesson for us to never give up hope and just accept it to continue the journey of our life.
Everyone has this period in their life, that's just a part of it that we have to overcome, so always keep in mind that we can be completely succeed in everything.
Always have faith in ourselves, we are the only one who we can believe in one hundred percent and count on for all times.
Never lose hope in every challenges from ourselves, It will give a strong and resolute courage for the power so that we can overcome everything.
Nothing cannot be resolved, because the clock never stops and we have to continue in life so that we can live with trouble free.
The rescue will always near to us and if we can endure the pain now, our inner pride will grow and from that we will know how strong we are, because a solution is found.
An enemy like to see us fall, but we prefer to think that every time they give us the motive to find the ability with our own conviction for the greatest glory.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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