We should Keep on Learning to Broaden our Horizon

We should Keep on Learning to Broaden our Horizon
Unfortunately, not everyone were born intelligent but we do have the opportunity to learn everything that we are interested in.
So we can get all the knowledge and gather information on that particular subject which fascinates us.
We can go over the extend for ourselves as a competent person if we possess all the skills and craftsmanship needed for this subject to be a professional.
Even if we think we know enough about a particular subject, it is still not sufficient, because technology always change with the speed of sound.
So we will have to ensure our own perfection can always be improved by to learn the latest inventions and technologies around the world.
Knowledge is the basis of our life, someone who is penniless and has sufficient knowledge can always work on something with their best to make money out of it..
And if there is money, knowledge from others also can be bought with it.
Once we have graduated from school or university, we might think that we posses every knowledge, but that's only in the theory, which in practical can be completely different.
But when we looking for a job everywhery, the employer always ask for our qualifications.
When we want to start something new, we must first know everything on how to begin with, such as location, building permits, capital budget, personnel, etc.
The more we have learned in our life, the wiser we might become, so we will be able to participate in making decisions for an extended area.
In order to broaden our horizons, we should always keep in our mind  that learning more can gain additional knowledge about our activities, it will be priceless which can lead us to a better success.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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