Before we Think of Giving Up, just Remember what Reason it has been in our Mind for so Long

Before we Think of Giving Up, just Remember what Reason it has been in our Mind for so Long
Everyone simply have many thoughts and desires in our life, with a dream that we want to show off.
But sometimes the desires exceed our own capabilities, so we might not have the potential or talent to get it done.
And that's okay and no problem, because no one is perfect,  but with the help of others, we can perhaps create an opportunity to accomplish it.
So always give ourselves a chance to realize that we have put all our senses together and constantly keep some innovation ideas in our mind.
When there is a possibility arise, do not hesitate to start and seize this opportunity.
Once we work on it, and then suddenly facing with several unexpected problems, do not let this discourage us or to stop us from proceed.
Then it will be the termination of our dream and that may well give a psychological impact on our state of mind which also may result for a slump in our life.
Once we started with something, we just need to complete everything in order to achieve success, because patience conquers all.
Even with some difficulty, there is always a solution or replacement for a person who does not meet the requirements as they were stated or promised previously.
If we give up, then its a certain loss, and will give us no satisfaction.
So always think carefully about what opportunities available there, even it might takes a longer time for thinking and considering to grab the chances.
Give up our vision because of we are in adversity is very unwise, because then dream will lifetime remain in our thoughts.
Continue to persevere our future dream and look for opportunities to realize it.
Let it remain in our minds as a celebration for victory later, because a quitter can never win, and a winner never quit.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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