Dare to Take Risk and Always look Further for an Opportunity in Every Situation that we Face

Dare to Take Risk and Always look Further for an Opportunity in Every Situation that we Face
Everything in life has its limitations and sometimes our sense tell us not to do, because of the danger, but for some reason we do it anyway.
Our heart beats three times as fast by a good ending, we are very proud and everything goes through mind with lump in our throat.
Sometimes we are speechless and slowly comes to realize what we've done which let us wonder does it worth to do so?
Playing with our life will break all boundaries and it give an excited feeling in our mind to want to have for more, but everything has its limitation.
On a whim to take a risk can sometimes turn out to be very well but also it may have a limited chance which can give us the poor outcome.
Often we have ourselves no longer under control at that time as we take this risk, because making a wrong decision can give us a lifelong consequences.
Before we decide to take a risk, it is better to check everything with the probability calculations, so we know what we are doing, because a tiny little mistake can change our life drastically.
By anger or overwhelming impulse which we will show what we can do to others is not an intelligent action.
But this happens naturally at a certain age as we are totally uncontrolled, after this action we start to realize it and then get a lesson from the experience.
We can certainly get a great adventure if we take risks, but we have to get ourselves ready, because when our adrenaline gets a high score, our senses on that time is also be zero.
Dare to take a risk but look further into every situation, confrontation and opportunity, so that we can be having a bright future.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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