When we Always Live with a Joyful Moods, Nothing Else can Ruin Our Days.

When we Always Live with a Joyful Moods, Nothing Else can Ruin Our Days
The appearance and attitude we adopt it for ourselves can have a major impact on the counter reaction and behavior of others.
We all have a choice, our day can be full of joy or sorrow, its all depends on how we prepare ourselves to live with it.
As we merrily all day with paying respectful attention to others with a smile, we will never make anyone angry.
Respect is always welcome by everyone, so if there is any error or mistake by us, we can solve that with an apology and be courtesy to others.
Our mind must be open and explain everything in a quiet and decent way, so it would be   accepted positively by all the sensible people around us.
It just needs a mutual understanding for the situation to give precipitate feeling with a good sense of harmony for both of us.
Life does not always happen in the way how we want, sometimes we just need to take that into account and deal things with a benevolent heart.
We need to be convinced that there is always a solution for everything and how positive is our thinking, the easier for us to find a solution.
Evil or our mood get influenced by a deteriorating mind is something totally unnecessary and also it doesn't give other people a good impression on us.
Just try to be cheerful at everything and see our challenges as a lesson that we must overcome in order to move forward in life with a new experience.
Then we learned something new and should be able to tackle it the next time, when the same things occurs twice in a row.
Live with a joyful mood and know that  there will always be a solution for every problem we are facing, and with our broad smile, nothing can ruin our day.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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