Innocent as Night, Shine like the Sun, Smell like a Flower will give our Heart the Strength to be Positive.

Innocent as Night, Shine like the Sun, Smell like a Flower will give our Heart the Strength to be Positive
The biggest surprise in life is ourselves, how we present our own and behave in this world where violence seems to be normal and there is also less respect among the people.
Honesty and friendship are no longer being appreciated by most people, in fact many seems these as their opportunity to abuse it.
Which direction they want to go on this earth is pretty much depending on some influential payment of money, in which many things are not affordable for them, then the characters of these people may become the victim of their life.
Is it just the education that we no more want to learn for everything so we only see the dollar signs and want to own that as soon as possible.
People characters change through money, because of want to have it in abundant or shortage of it.
Why have money such a huge impact on someone's character and comes with some huge change in his doings.
There are so many great and important things in life that we can never just afford with money but most people think of money can have the upper hand.
Until they are confronted with the truth and discover that their reckless behavior was unnecessary, because what happen to them now its not possible to resolve it well with money.
At that time, they realize that it will be better if they are silent as the night, and so their character can continue to shine like the sun toward others.
Their appearance was left smelling like a flower somewhere, so everyone talked about their positive attitudes and behaviors from their hearts.
Simplicity caresses make the man.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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