Promise are Make to Keep, Not for Breaking it.

Promise are Make to Keep, Not for Breaking it
It is not hard to guess how we can create the fastest good relationships or friendships, because the answer is simple : to keep our promise with honest words.
Something that comes from the heart will always be respected, because nobody were naturally born with an evil heart.
But we adapt ourselves to the environment where we grow up and that will be the greatest example and memory in our entire life, all of those will determine our thinking and attitude.
Fortunately, when we grow up, we are wise enough to distinguish between the good and evil, so that we can adjust it to meet our desire as we have more experience.
If we are satisfied with the presence and our actions, then we can move forward in peace with all our daily tasks.
But to have a good sense of accomplishment and pride we have to be respected by others, that can only be achieved through honesty and when we fulfill the promise with our spoken words.
Making a promise, is something that we give one's word and certainly need to fulfill it, as the proverbs says "promise is a promise".
Our promises not fulfill is losing face, there will always can be unforeseen things when we cannot keep our words, but it is not the case as we deliberately broke our promise.
But anyone who knowingly makes and breaks promises should be ashamed of themselves.
Making empty promise for using others and give them pain, because they fail to deliver their promise for those who expecting it from them.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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