If Our Ship Does Not Come to Us, Swim Towards it.

If Our Ship Does Not Come to Us, Swim Towards it
If we think too easy about our future, we will not get fast to anything .
Wait for the things to come to us can disappoint our feeling, so it is better to be determined and preference with our choice.
Paying full attention to things what we are going to do from our feeling will give us more satisfaction and strength.
Not always the things which interest us can be within our reach, but we still have to make a reasonable efforts if we have chosen to focus on our goal.
It will not always be easy, but "necessity knows no laws" , and if we do we must also make our mind to realize that every effort can bring positive results for us.
Nothing will be just thrown us in the lap, there will always be evolving in certain conditions, because most people do everything with a reason to go forward.
So look everything carefully first before we jump into the water, this is to prevent that we cannot reach our ship, because of too many requirements which we are not able to meet.
If we want to make everything possible in order that the choice is our passion, so we must gradually create a strategic plan and execute it.
Our tenacity and perseverance will lead us to a successful result with a victory over ourselves.
It is always good to follow our feelings and know what we want in life, so we do not adopt a expectant attitude, but take actions directly when something comes up in our minds.
We must learn to swim, so when the ship does not come to us, we can clear all the obstacles well to avoid disappointments and still able to reach the ship.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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