The Pursuit of Endless Knowledge is Something we Must Keep on Doing for the Rest of our Life.

The Pursuit of Endless Knowledge is Something we Must Keep on Doing for the Rest of our Life
Through trial and error we get wiser, if we can make good use of it and by inquisitively to discover that we have unconsciously made the errors.
Everything in life will be transformed and thus improves, in fact what we learn within a foreseeable time can develop a better and usable technique for us.
That sounds very strange but true that it is the trends now, we must follow the development from times to times and constantly learn new knowledge.
Because if we do not keep on doing something for long, we can be amazed by how fast the things has been changed on this world.
Knowledge is like a vast ocean which has no limit, it is infinite and can create more opportunities for ourselves.
So we should never stop seeking for knowledge, today we learn something new , tomorrow we might have another fresh opportunity to discover some different topics which can make us wiser.
With additional knowledge, we can develop ourselves to a more higher level, as charging a battery, the more power and energy we get from charging, the more we can be benefited if we keep charging..
The more energy cells are filled, will make the electrical volume of time more greater, that will also growth for our brains, so its depends on how we use them.
Knowledge manifested our wisdom, it also brings expertise and professionalism to us, and when we are the mastery of a particular topic, then we are totally in control as a magnum opus and able to perform well without any problems at all.
It is impossible to specialize in everything but the pursuit of endless knowledge about what or which we are engaged is going to interest us in more instructive way to follow and yields for ultimate effects.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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