A Great Visionary is Always Better than an Unrealistic Dream

A Great Visionary is Always Better than an Unrealistic Dream
Life without dreams or prospects is not reflecting a true life of ourselves, so it is better to have daydream about our wishes and try to imagine what might happen next.
This will give us a good feeling that prevails in our pride if we could make all dreams to become truth, or at least we manage to achieve 50% of it alone.
It gives such satisfaction as being measured in our mind, we should always look ahead to the future that we desire and how we would like to live with more than happy.
Life is an accumulating of the experiences but with all the positive events, we can tell that everything is going well, so we are not fall from getting one surprise to another.
At one time, life only seems to occur in fairy tales, but suddenly all can turn into reality, when the surprises reveals itself to make the impossible become possible.
Everyone is free to dream, it give us the courage and positive energy, but dream alone is not good enough, we must be able to achieve it with realistic opportunities.
We all need to know what is our available options, everyone can have their beautiful dream about the future, but it should also be realistic or at least it is feasible within our limits.
Our dreams will always be greater than what we can deliver, but it is better to dream big than we do not have any ambitions at all in our life.
Imaginings about the future keep us positive and enthusiasm which makes our life more pleasant because we always working on improving towards our dream.
We all should have a great visionary because unrealistic dreams will bring nothing for us in the end.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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