Treat Every Relationship as our Responsibility, Not as an Opportunity.

Treat Every Relationship as our Responsibility, Not as an Opportunity
Friendship and relationships are not abundant so when we get the opportunity to come true, we should also bear our responsibility to keep this kind of relation.
Most people see a new encounter or relationship as an opportunity to reclaim their advantage, and if that happened, they can achieve the benefits and then for them emotions or feelings is no longer important.
Their plus points is the ability to make what it counts, and therefore they able to carry a nice show on their words and conduct of laughter with a credible face.
And they continue doing that as long as can reap the benefit of returns, where this is not only based on friendship, but they keeps looking for their next victim.
Profit figures is what is served in their minds, but there is no friendship for them.
Companionship is something that is not important for them because they cannot buy anything from there, they only concentrate themselves on financial benefits which  resolves everything , and that defines their whole life.
They forget that in this way we can't build any relationship and that having many relationships are more important than money.
Something to tell or show for 10 people or 100,000 makes a big difference with a magnifying chance of success.
But their brains only think for today and not prepared to have success in the long run.
A friendship is so important in our life and it give us love with affection.
We can cry and laugh together with our best friends, and this give such a sense of satisfaction for each other.
Friendliness, trust, compassion and sympathy are responsibilities that are attached to a friendship which should never be abused by anyone.
Never use the opportunity to meet someone for a benefit or only think for a business appointment, because business and friendship are two separate things.
But we should understand that friendship is more important than money, so try to solve every argument in harmony among friends.
And never forget we are strong together and united unbeatable.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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