Our Heart can be Glittering as a Diamond if We Always be Kind to Others.

Our Heart can be Glittering as a Diamond if We Always be Kind to Others
A life without friends around us is like standing in a forest without trees, where the leaves is wither on the ground by a Verticillium albo-atrum Catalpa disease in the sun.
Our character determines how someone else feels, and from there they will approach us, be kindly and always greeting with polite to people around us will facilitate the communication.
By being kindly we can make friends, because a gruff is not the right attitude to approach people and it is rather dissuasive.
Give love to get it back as it is with peace in order to see a peacefully environment, we cannot show geniality with a stressful attitude to others.
If the gentleness is in our character, it will facilitate many things in life, for others to see our happy faces and to hear those positive tones by us.
When we come into an environment where there is only some dissatisfied and irritated people, for example in an elevator, we go in there and greeting people with a friendly good morning then our attention is different than just pressing on the button and say nothing.
The time when we are in the elevator, also give us a strange feeling through the staring eyes by unknown people in an uneasy background with whom we share this earth with.
Kindness does not cost any money, it is uplifting for ourselves and others to get through with a better mood everyday.
Therefore we can view the life from a different perspective, it will give us an optimistic feeling and we are going to approach things differently so others are going to appreciate us.
It is not encourage to have bad temper, because by doing so, we will repel others therefore our life will not be amused.
Be sincere and kind-hearted will be appreciated by many, these will give everyone a good feeling and our neighborhood will be at peace.
Others will also be amiable and kindly with us, then our hearts can be glistering like a diamond because of the satisfaction we get throughout the day.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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