Life is All about Finding the Right Balance Between Every Good and Bad Moments.

Life is All about Finding the Right Balance Between Every Good and Bad Moments
If our life balance is like the tower of Pisa then everything is OK but for the view by others, it seems that there is a problem which is being talked about.
There is no one in the world that only have good and no bad moments, it will always be varied, we ourselves should always just remember the good moments and ignore those bad gossip about others.
There will always be something in life and continue what has been good or bad no one will ignore, important is how we deal with it.
The time will not just freeze over there and life goes on, so it's up to us what priorities we want to place on something and how we distribute it into our life.
Find the right balance in life, so we can determine when to attach the values to something ​​and to the most important people in our life, and those are the people we don't want to lose our self disrespect to them.
Something very good and enjoyable is the moment that we want to experience it over and over again, and we never want to see the immoral events again.
Those moments will always play a role in our minds, but what's most important is that the past are no turning back for us, because it's already happened.
There are enjoyable times and also moments that we want to forget, but think of those bad moments only makes us unhappy, so we should be just happy with those superior moments we have.
No matter how bad it was the past, try to erase it from our memory, replace that with joy and our life will certainly be much more happier.
Try to avoid the area or confrontation with bad experiences in order to find peace for ourselves, thus can create the self-balance and take account of ourselves.
Not give the chance for us to rekindle memories by others or environment that we ever have poor thoughts or bad memory.
Finding the right balance between good and bad moments, so we can always  determine to let the cozy influence prevailed over our life.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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