Everyone Needs at least One Soul Mate because Loneliness is Our Greatest Enemy

Everyone Needs at least One Soul Mate because Loneliness is Our Greatest Enemy
If we everyday sit 24 hours alone at home then we would probably get ourselves into trouble psychologically.
Doing everything ourselves, can bring us a little bit of pleasure, but most of the time it only bring sorrow to us and could turn into a disaster.
Psychic is not something to hold on, a life without communication is virtually impossible and it will be very heavy for us.
If we are in loneliness for a long period, we could not even know how to talk our language and grammar in the right order
That is why friendship is so important, friends are the one who is able to support us through thick and thin and we can also share our happiness and sad moment together.
When we are brought together in a same circle of friends, it is possible to have the solutions for every problems, thus it creates a better feeling together in companion's mind.
When we are always alone without any friends around us, the loneliness can easily drive us crazy.
And at that time, what we must do talk to the wall or with ourselves in the mirror, this is something unimaginable when we have friends around us.
But we must imagine ourselves is in what kind of uncertainty, so that we can dispose it off easily to avoid having nervous for ourselves.
Loneliness can be our worst enemy, because without friendships or relationships, it is like being treat in a solitary confinement with our own physical prison.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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