Stairs we see them better go then come out.
It takes so long to go up.
But unfortunately it's part of our existence.
We meet them everywhere.
In the mountains and in neighborhoods.
We like not to move on and not succumb
But that just can not.
Stairs up and stepladder off gives us strength and morality.
But it goes faster downwards by means of a pole.
Up is better with the stairs or a lift.
But do you want to avoid it then you are wrong.
Stairs is a part of our life.
You see them everywhere and again.
Gives you fitness and strength.
And there is none that wait for you.
Strength we need in life.
In order to go up and down.
Can we all do this ?
No, some can not itself move.
And have a helping hand to get up or down.
And you feel all the bones cracking.
They can not do it by them self.


Help these people and I give You a kiss.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen