If We Want to Conquer Fear, Action is the Best Answer.

If We Want to Conquer Fear, Action is the Best Answer
Everyone is afraid of something, it could be fear of failure, from animals, heights or to do something, and there are numerous examples.
It's different for everyone, but it can develop into an oppressive feeling.
This can be very annoying and distracting at certain moments if we are in a public place, because our distorted posture cannot appreciate by others.
It can even spread to people around us, who do not know what exactly happened and get panicked by the confusing attitudes of one another.
When panic breaks out among the large crowd of people, It can be quite a chaos.
And if we are not aware of what is the reason for the nervousness, this can revive our anxious feeling.
To have an evening walk during the full moon in the dark around a cemetery can raise our fears, but do not need to be scared because maybe there will be our permanent residence after life.
Fear is a dangerous thing, because we can thereby lose our self-control and possibly get ourselves into a desperate situation.
Dismay gives us not a chance to recover if we continue stay at the site of the conflict, but will give us than quickly more afraid and uncertain with many nerves.
Therefore having courage in many cases will be the only correct solution to redeem our souls freed from the fear and insecurity feeling.
A good example is when we want to go for bungee jumping or skiing, and we are looking forward to go for it, everything is prepared there until we stand meters in height and looking down with our trembling legs.
Then there is only one possibility to overcome our fear and that is to go for it and show the courage, just jumping down or skiing without any hesitation.
In the end we may have the last smile about it, because we manage to conquer our fear with much satisfaction and pride.
So to overcome our fears, action is the best answer, otherwise we will never get the chance to resist the temptation, and its so glorious to overcome them.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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