Life is Not a Script that can be Implemented Accordingly to Every Plan, so Always be Prepared

Life is Not a Script that can be Implemented Accordingly to Every Plan, so Always be Prepared
Nothing is as changeable as our own life and we already know in advance there are  always some changes made by laws and regulations or by others.
Everyday we can be surprised by something that was not anticipated by us beforehand.
Most of the things are just becoming standard procedure in our daily life, but actually our life is an endless battle.
If we have to take care of ourselves after our graduation from high school or university, then we need to look for a job to generate an income.
When we get stuck without a job or income, we should go into the social service, so we might be getting after a new job for again to take care of ourselves financially.
But it seems with all the rules, laws and fees that we have arrived  in a circle which we should end up again at the social services ASAP because of no money.
Many things have become so complicated that we almost do not know the way without getting any help, this is mainly due to we are unaware of the problems caused by our lack of knowledges.
Without aware of it (because we are not being notified personally), adjustments can be carried out which may have an big impact or affect for what we are doing on that time.
If we do not succeed because of lacking the knowledge, this already can create the first problem, because it is our responsibility.
Then the ball starts rolling, the things that we normally do in our daily life will then be keep in the waiting room first, because problems are the priority.
Then, to save us from this situation requires a lot of energy and time, and the end result is where everything were all about with a further financial loss for us.
In life we are are mandatory to be prepared for anything in order to get self-protection, because life do not have a script or plan as in the movie, but were we are increasingly confronted with the hard truth.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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