Let the Knowledge Speak and Learn to be a Good Listeners Before Making any Hasty Move

Let the Knowledge Speak and Learn to be a Good Listeners Before Making any Hasty Move
Listening to others is a gift, because to have overtone or outperform against the word speak out by others is something most want and do it at best.
To listen carefully for the story by another and therefore can learn from their experience is something that many people do not have the patience for it.
Everyone has their own way of thinking and doing things, even though we all almost have been taught the same together at our school in the classroom.
But In practical, most of the things works differently, and we create our own method which we think is the best and fastest way to work in our mind.
So everybody creates their own workstyle for what seems to be the best for them and when we are really listening to that can only give us a better understanding of the whole.
Sometimes it's better if we are able to listen carefully to the advice given by others, because we cannot learn all the required knowledge while we just keep on talking.
So much talking can seem to be interesting but listening give us new information or improve on knowledge, otherwise we can only implement on what we may already know, because the joint knowledge give us the power to do on something we not know.
Knowledge can be shared by listening and responding to each others, if we not do so, it will only give others an impression that we think we know everything better and do not need to be taught by anyone.
Hasty decisions are usually made because of being hubris in own knowledge and we do not listen well to follow the conditions at that moment.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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