Those who have Done Their Best Will Not be Left in the Lurch by Providence.

Those who have Done Their Best Will Not be Left in the Lurch by Providence
Who wants to be confronted with people who are lazy, tired, want to do nothing and go nowhere?
Always complain and when they got the chance to get their life back on track, they have no time and try to "hang the dirty laundry of others outside."
We cannot keeps counting on such people and should not take regret for them, because they are totally worthless for this society and themselves.
But those who always try to show up and give their best throughout the good sides will deserve to be getting a better score.
We should always go with full force and go for the best in anything we do, so even when if it's failed, we will never have any regret.
Our destiny, we can not achieve with always sit still and always say no for anything that somebody asking from us.
Our energy must be consumed with sweat and tears to get where we belong, so we will be proud for ourselves and at the same times, others will appreciate our contribution too.
Be strong together can never without a job is a good adage for us to follow and always showing the support for each other, when we are fully committed then we can expect mutual corporation back from others.
Never come into standing alone for something or dispose over it by our own, because relations and friends around us are those who can help us with their willingness.
Then we will also not have to worry about our destiny, because certainly it is always good with so many close friends in the neighborhood or our surrounding area.
The providence we can only achieve by not letting others down and always keep doing our best as a life supporter for one another.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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