Let Us be an Architect for Our Own Fortune.

Let Us be an Architect for Our Own Fortune
An architect is a wonderful and very interesting profession, they can be very creative with a map of dimensions and architecture for fulfilling the wish of their client or for the country development.
They have the ability to fill it all with a precision of millimeters for the classified with surfaces on several floors inside the building.
So it is with our life, we can adapted to a certain lifestyle with the fortune of income we have and if we do not follow it then different problems will come to us.
"nothing ventured, nothing gained" certainly true, but if we venture too much, we also cannot win anymore and we won't get a second chance to try something again.
If something goes wrong and exceeded our budget, this might deprive all further opportunities so we may lost all and the build up we have before.
Therefore, it is very wise to have a strong analysis, and if we are fall into the hands of another, a possible danger may arise because then we cannot have the control over our own finances, and it could goes wrong recklessly if they force things by a competitive spirit.
Trust is good but control is better, so the recommended final move is always do it by ourselves or when we have doubt, should get from an expertise we know in consultation together.
Hard work is the parent of our success, and our life should not be too dependent on others.
As a result, we can supervise the overall losses, and if that happened too late then we should be responsible for it because it is already a loss.
Sometimes things can be going wrong by others in our life because we trusted them , so it is our ultimate responsibilities due to we delegate our duty to the wrong person.
Thus, others will not be imputed in the final decisions, but the blame is going to be on a person who bear overall responsibility.
So let's be wise and always be the architect of our own fortune.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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