Family is the Compass that Guide us to the Right Direction in Our Life.

Family is the Compass that Guide us to the Right Direction in Our Life
We only need to think good about it and then know that our family is the initial basis of our life with all the simple elements for the further existence.
In the early years of our life while we are young, we all were curious and want to discover everything with own eyes but observe our feeling.
We reach any stage of life innocently, at the same time we also can and want taste whatever we view in our sight from both of our hands.
If there is no family to provide good support around us in those moment, we probably can lost focus and it could have huge damage for the rest of our life.
Especially when it is the correct time to discover what is good and bad, so if we are not notified or tapped our fingers, we just think that is the most natural thing in the world.
Sometimes we do things thoughtlessly, but if certain things were not being corrected at that time, it will certainly give us an extremely poor outcome in the future.
The concern and care from family members always keep us happy, they always keep an alert look at us and restore every mistake we committed with a smile, love and concern.
Therefore it can create a closer bond within our family and relatives because they are our basic elements of life which learned us with solicitude and love.
They give much influence on the person who we are now, because family members are the on who raise our awareness us on how to act and behave well.
A big thank to our family and to those who educate the children without their family but still give all the love and support they needed to grow up with all the necesary norms and values ​​in life.
They have been the compass in our childhood, without them we were probably driven into an inapplicable wrong direction, because we thought it was normal.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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