To Succeed in Life, Our Personality or Ideas Must be Unique from Others.

To Succeed in Life, Our Personality or Ideas Must be Unique from Others
"When one sheep has gone over the dam, others will follow" is a nice proverb.
But if we do not want to be a follower and decided to live our own life, we should not go over the dam and must build our bridge with own ideas and construction.
We design our own character, colors and implement them, so others will have no influence on us but we always can listen, because at the same time they also want to give their different thoughts, knowledge and vision.
But in order to be unique, we should not follow them, because that is their intuition about something.
All of us almost have a different perspective on life and many persons like the same things, because it is beautiful or good to use.
To be incomparable, we must come up with something new that pleases everyone and then we have the possibility to break out into mass in the world.
If we act unmatched and behave decently, we will stand above the rest and we can
thereby be a good example in the society.
By doing something or to develop extraordinary things so that its unforgettable in mind,  when most of us will love it or be happy with a contented feeling, we can almost never fail.
When this reach out the huge population of the world, it will continue to be connected with each other at a boundless pace.
Therefore, a characteristic social life and marketing are so important for us in order to spread the goodness of our great ideas and inventions among people.
Shadowing with the herd is the simplest manner in life to come out with our personality and unique ideas will rather give everything a chance to reach for those people who appreciate it and will propagate what we've done.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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