Pain Can be Our Good Teacher, Never let it Defeat Us

Emotional Pain Can be Our Good Teacher, Never let it Defeat Us
We are never too old to learn, and we are confronted with it in the media or private almost daily in our life.
Learning is a good foundation in our life, the greater we know, the more sensible we can be respond to anything or in making the decision.
Brutal people rule half of the world, wise persons can beat them, but when they are rude or gentle?
It's depend on we are with which group, this can give an opinion on our behaviors, wrong or harsh judgments can affect us emotionally, but for others it may be their daily routine.
The difficulty in life is that sometimes we do not know what is the real purpose of someone when they approach us with their own behavior, but we try to see it in a positive way.
Not everyone approached us from the heart, but they want give us a right Intuition of mind what is implying that we are special, so they can feel good in order to achieve their goal.
These people are numb and not want to be responsible for the painful emotions they give to others, they are actually actors and playing the role with a fully prepared scripts to target for their self profit.
It is very hard for us when we are confronted with this kind of experience and we can therefore getting disappointed completely, this will be a painful experience for us.
Allowing emotions erupt can create the painful moments that are difficult to process by incomprehension truth and dismay of grief.
The pain that we get into our inner mind may give us a somber time, then we can lose trust in other people and that is very negative.
Do not let the pain defeat us, instead let it be our master to teach us a good lesson.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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