Laugh with a Good and Enjoyable Feeling.

Laugh with a Good and Enjoyable Feeling
Life is a bottomless emotional pit where we managed to climb out through every good or bad moments that we experience in life.
The positive thoughts we have at such moments gives us new strength, so we can  reconsider everything from the bright side.
But there are several occasions that we are unhappy and grief with crying rather than laugh, from what we have seen, heard or experienced.
Everyone has these emotional period in their life, also when we are very compassionate with others, when sometimes there are some sensitive information exchange.
The most important things to do at such times is to be seen anywhere with the positivity, even though how hard we need to battle against our emotional pain.
This is highly problematic because of the feelings and emotions,  but we should try to keep our emotion in control and be strong.
It will be great when we can keep our emotion in check, this will give us more  confidence to find a solution for every problem that we faced with.
If we able to look at things positively, we are more controlled and happier, because we have concluded that there is a solution for everything in a certain time frame, and our emotions can be soften by experience.
Every experience is of course different and requires different care, but our life will not stop, so it's better to go ahead and be merciful in mind with knowing that there are better times to come for us.
Thus our mood will believe in a promising future, so our invigorating thought may arise and that uplifts us to be merry.
This may possibly trigger a smile that put away part of the grief,  thus we can be feeling much more better.
Laughing with fun will at such times may not good, but a better sense may well arise if we have the strength and courage to oversee the reality of the situation.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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