Revenge is Things we Should be Avoided Because it's Only give Darkness to our Life.

Revenge is Things we Should be Avoided Because it's Only give Darkness to our Life
It's hard to stay self-possessed when our souls is being kicked at the back by another person, but why we must give ourselves more suffering from that kind of pain.
If we again give that person access to our heart or confidence, it will certainly happen again, and when we take revenge to them, we shall deprive ourselves of the peace with our minds.
We must then invent and make a plan for revenge to alleviate our suffering, but that will not work in our advantage, because we are then keep this person constantly in our thought.
That will give more pain and frustration so we will not have peace with ourselves, and thus we suffer more because of the same person or even have more painfulness.
And that perhaps even rise so high that we no longer have self-control and reach a bad thoughts which will go too far with a fatal outcome.
We should not be so naive, that we are going to influence and make ourselves down for such a person who has a bad mind with no self-respect and use us for his own benefit.
It is best to learn from this experience and banish that person from our mind, so we can continue our peaceful and organized life without any resentment.
We are already at fault for giving our trust to the wrong individual, so we should not repeat the same mistake by avenging on them.
Revenge feelings give more problems and it will not give us any satisfied feeling, but disrupt our rhythm of life that would bring us into an uncomfortable zone.
Let us not live into the dark sides of our life, get through the mistakes we have make to give confidence and do not bring ourselves into a situation which combines revenge and pain as a retaliation.
We should avoid every occasion which can be referring to revenge, because that will not give us a happy solution, but only leave ourselves into a darkness world.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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