If we want to Figure Out where we Stand Against Others, Start Walking our Path and stop Standing

If we want to Figure Out where we Stand Against Others, Start Walking our Path and stop Standing
In life there will always be others exist on earth who are doing better than ourselves, and that should not be a problem, because when its rains to others and it dripping on us, we both get wet, which is a similar benefit generates only with different volume.
How well others are doing it is not so important to us, there is no need to lose much time on it, and its better to stay informed of the latest developments that is much more decisive.
With that we can come forward with our own better show forth, so others may aware that we are working with the latest human cultivated technologies.
Regenerating of our life in order to keep abreast of new inventions may encourage a better place in our society or the social level, it is an advancement in position that everyone wants to accomplish.
Continue to learn in order not to get stuck a standstill or deterioration of knowledge is a plus point and appreciation to be proud of.
We almost can express every of our views for the area which we specialize in, this is the ultimate presentation of ourselves, so others will not get disappointed during our communication together.
We just have to walk our way which we think is the best for us with a good value, always determine our own pace and do not force things.
Just keep walking on our own path and do not stand still, where we stand against others is not important if we are happy and satisfied with it.
The world champions from today can already be past time next year, as there no was more progress as consequence of failure with a standstill, because of a outpacing person.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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