Never let our Pain to Defeat us, Because there is Always a Joy in Every Sorrow.

Never let our Pain to Defeat us, Because there is Always a Joy in Every Sorrow
It is not pleasant to have all the pain and sadness in our life, but it is just life where all the emotions are involved.
Everyone is a winner in their own way and thinking, but sometimes we can be the losers too, because it is not possible to be the winner all the time.
How do we deal with it is the most important thing, either we accept it or try to win every time as a winner, but this is an impossible tasks.
Feelings and emotions have to come from multiple sides in order for us to find the solutions.
Whenever there is a feeling of grief, it will be difficult to reach agreements for a solutions and that is very impracticable.
If the feelings or actions has been stopped by third party due to some unforeseen reason, there is no solution possible, thus we continue being left behind with pain and sorrow.
This is something that we should consider for our own self, so that it will be easy for us to stand any chances out of every possible opportunities.
Defeat in pain isn't bitter for us at all, if we don't swallow it then we should be able move further in our life with a positive mind.
When we are confronted with bad events or have been struggling in life,  if we able keep the positive attitude, then we can simply leave all the sorrow away from us.
It will always be a difficult tasks, but we have to keep the emotions under control to reflect soberly on every situation and opportunities that we have.
"There is a sunshine after the rain" is the best sayings for us to think about in order to give courage for ourselves and resume our joy in all these circumstances.
There is always a joy in every sorrow, we just need to noticed it and learned as a life lesson, never let our pain to beat us, stay well alert on the opportunities we have and then respond positively to them.
author Jan Jansen
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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