Lame Excuses does Not Save us from Embarrassing, Prevent Using it

Lame Excuses does Not Save us from Embarrassing, Prevent Using it
It happens to all of us that we cannot meet all the requirements by our spoken word, thus we should make an apology.
But sometimes it is not our own fault and we are in the situation where it is almost impossible to tell the truth, because that would make us fail with our spoken word.
When cannot meet an agreement or promises, we feel at fault, so trying to look for a good excuse to save ourselves out of shame, and avoid getting stuck in the sensitive situation.
Because of shy, they will tell a lied excuse to let others accept their reason, because they have no other choices in certain instance, but others are certainly not happy with it or will believe.
Eyes and posture of the trickiest liar will always show up when others observe on them, than everyone have their rightful thought about something.
All of the lies will be overtaken by truth very soon, so always be wise and straight, just tell what really happened then we will become more respected and this also strengthening our position in the community, instead of telling the lie which might be weakening our relationship.
If we only speak the truth without giving any lame excuses, we will never lose our pride, and by doing so, we should not feel ashamed or thinking about losing face
Avoid using a poor pretext as an excuse, because it will not save us the salvation from to be embarrassing.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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