Problem just Occupying a Small Phase of our Life, Face it then We Should be Able to Rise from it

Problem just Occupying a Small Phase of our Life, Face it then We Should be Able to Rise from it
Nobody wants to undergo problems in his life, but we all be confronted with it without any mercy.
And if we face them, some of us want to know nothing about it, certainly not openly to come out with the true, because that seems to be a taboo on this earth.
One thing there is forgotten and that is if we now are large, small, strong, rich, poor, white or have another color, altogether have nothing to do with and no one can be excluded from it.
It is simply unthinkable to live a life without difficulty,  so be comforted that we are not the only ones who come into contact with problems.
Fortunately problems only occupied a small phase of period in our life, and there is generally more pleasure than misery, we should try to overcome it with a smile.
Be honest with ourselves and accepted each problem, face it and to finally put an end with a good elucidation about it.
Every conflict makes us stronger, so our future can be profiteering from it, therefore it is actually a gift for us, and with a new experience which we've gained, can help us to find for a faster dissolution.
Try to turn all the negative events with seeing and exploring them from a positive angle, and when things are getting resolved,  we can resume everything and thus it will be much easier for us to accept the truth.
The lessons in life are not going to stop and difficulties will keeps coming to us one by one, but with our relaxed attitudes, we can just face it with a more enjoyable feeling.
Conflict will not go just go out of the way, we should learn to accept them and face it with honesty, so that it will reward us with the perfect solution.
Never let these little phases of life with problems to be a devastating for us, acknowledge problems with a satisfactory solution and a good arrangement to compete for an increase of experience to get an effective end result.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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