Never Attempt to take Someone Else Loss as our Gain.

Never Attempt to take Someone Else Loss as our Gain
We live in a strange time and it seems that there is no more room for improvement, if we look at the behavior of the new generation.
Everything seems to be tailored for individual as quickly as possible, and most of the people trying to make profit in a record time without having to fight for it or using too much effort.
Friendships are being concluded as not to help each other, instead to use each other in a totally refined way without any emotions involve.
If there must be a set of game being played among themselves in which one party must suffer a loss, and this money will come to the wallet or bank account of other friend, but for them this is totally no problem, and just a very normal things to deal with.
They present themselves with no remorse or bad feelings, this is sometimes for some people the most normal thing in the world, because we should have/had better just watch rather than starting the argument.
Where does it go in life, where we must live all together in this world, nevertheless everyone should have good intention so that everything can go together in peace with a helpful way for manner of behavior.
Many people can no longer be working together without the intervention of a lawyer to sign piles contracts for their own protection.
While in earlier years, a bargaining or firm handshake with a yes, then the contract can be labeled and sealed.
There are billions of ways to earn benefits for ourselves towards our goals in life, but the most unwise way to do is by gaining profits from the loss of others.
People tempt to make mistake and thus a loss could not be avoided, while they are trying to redeem themselves to turn their losses into profit, we should not taking the advantages from them in a villainous way to make it as our own profit.
Those are unjustified actions and will definitely be punished on the given time, these are methods that give nullification for fair trade and damage on the trust for the future.
Which means it most of the people now prefer working with rightly contracts and pecuniary individuals to protect both parties from criminal case, so they can do business in a safer way.
But actually it is a peculiar sensation that we having it in our thought to do commercial transactions with a business associate or friend.
This is 21st century and prevention is better than cure, so protect ourselves if we want to undertake commercial activities with certain steps and put everything on paper with legal stamps to prevent losing a friend.
Another let lose of themselves as to make for our own profit is just showing a character without irreverent reverence and pride plays no role anymore.
The greedy individual will never succeed as a partner or in a friendship.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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