A Prepared Mind Can always take the Chances Whenever it Comes.

A Prepared Mind Can always take the Chances Whenever it Comes
It is impossible to prepare our own everywhere, but we can take the necessary precautionary measures needed before exploiting our opportunity with a direct action.
Our mental state should be pure relaxed and rested so that nothing can be eluded from us, thus we are most likely to be able to succeed.
With a clear state of mind, it is easier for us to create miracle from the unique opportunity.
Because if we react faster and will immediately have in mind an idea to make use of the opportunity and work with the utmost possibility and applications.
Profiting using all the potential there with profitable and seized the practicable opportunity as well as every possibility in order to achieve the maximum.
Perspective and coincidence is the luck we need to have, so we can be appeared in the right place at the perfect timing, and seize our chance even further.
It's entirely depending on chance and luck to be able to present there at that sublime point of time, and always stay alert to capitalize on every opportunity.
By being vigilant, we can monitor closely on everything with a careful mind, so we will be glad to receive the opportunity within.
Grab the Opportunities on the right moment before they pass us, and it could be done easier with an attentive and prepared mind
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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