Clear Conscience is What We Really Need to Stand for the Moment of Truth.

Clear Conscience is What We Really Need to Stand for the Moment of Truth
Confrontation with facts based on the truth can have a big impact on our life, and major changes should occur in the way we think about life.
We can not judge in advance until ourselves have to deal with that, because not everything said or done will become the truth.
Gullible and give them the confidence is normal because we ourselves have this inner upbringing and from there then go into our thought.
But in practical sometimes it is different and the rules is changing , especially when there is an advantage of deriving profits, then honesty become something which is no longer important for some people.
Achieving benefits and financial gains for some of us is more than building a considerable friendship.
Usually money is the decisive step to be unfair to others , so emotional feelings with pricks of conscience and pity no longer have a value.
An encounter with this kind of people gives us a very good feeling from the beginning, because initially they happen to be an appropriate individual to accept as a friend.
Everything seems to be perfect and they are very accommodating to achieve their goal , so its all seems more appealing than the truth to the point where the reality is being displayed.
Then we immediately realize why they had chosen us to have a friendly relationship, but to us it is already too late, because by then we will have a completely different picture of them and the world.
Standing up for the truth, or what we think is doable, is already too late, even we will stand alone, we become their victim already, but we have nothing to fear .
With a clear conscience, we can come face to face with the moment of truth and usually that just does not make much sense.
Because most people listen to one or perhaps two stories and chose on which person or story brings them the most benefit.
A clear conscience gives us the peace of mind and confidence, so we can be brought into contact with the truth at any time without shame.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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