Do Not Overdo things, Because Water will Surges When its Overflow

Do Not Overdo things, Because Water will Surges When its Overflow
We all try to do our best using maximum energy in order to achieve something.
But sometimes it seems as if that is not enough and we want to push ourselves over the boundaries and beyond extremes because we fully focus on it now.
We have to remain prudent course and always realize that there may have some restrictions in our life on certain things.
And things may exceeded our expectation thus it will increased the risks, if we not have the resistant or don't fully prepared for it, can mean drastic or dramatic effects for us.
Things certainly cannot be solved if we do it with an extremely irresponsible act, because by doing so, we are putting everything at risk.
This could include an end for us, and instead of trying to get into the perfection we can be ended in a state where we no have knowledge or not preceded with a good preparation from our side, hence due to all of our impulsive behavior, we want to force and grasp the ultimate chance for to score.
A prediction which is based on nothing should be supported  and proven by truth words, and that will reduce the chances of taking risks.
We should not be so unwise to push ourselves over the limit, because this could put us and all others at risk.
At that point, control is important, so we will not hit the panic button with too extreme but entirely stick to our senses and act wisely, instead of depending on our feelings from the heart with emotions.
If we overdo things with exaggerations, the water will surely surges, which may cause the overloading of our sweat and emotions, this together will give a fatal outcome for us.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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