Between a Million and a Billion Morning of Yesterday, There is Only One for Today.

Between a Million and a Billion Morning of Yesterday, There is Only One for Today
Those who does not enjoy today maybe there is no more time for them to do it tomorrow, and every mistakes that we have committed for the first time yesterday, we won't want to repeat those today.
Life is so comparatively so enjoy every second to be always cheerful and positive, because a smile give more joy than tears.
Acceptance is the answer to many things and then go on with our life, because we are alone in many cases.
Even we are standing along, we should keep thinking optimistic because there always be good opportunities arrive to us after setbacks, a bad day does not meant that we will be lousy for the entire week, month, year or life.
Have incessant self-confidence with faith then all will be well again, there is no mountain too high, so we always have the way to get to the other side if we take the time.
Just look back into our own life, sometimes we're moving abit forward or backward, but we still can make it to the end, there are plenty of other opportunities to use if we want to put our effort.
Today we can start again and put an end to the past, change our life by starting it right now, never waiting for something better as time wait for nobody.
Between a million and a billion morning of yesterday, there is only one for today and I would never want to let this day go by without telling You "never give up, there is always a solution for everything", if we want to accept it, want to go search for it, or decide to give it up directly.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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