Vanity take us Deeper into Abyss and Far Away from the Surface.

Vanity take us Deeper into Abyss and Far Away from the Surface
Competition is currently so huge that the influential thoughts from about seven billion smart people, so quest for the choice of our needs will be growing too and this will reduce the opportunities to success.
So if we have yet to build our name, and too picky or selective, then we going to make ourselves even more difficult to achieve something.
It's the same if it is only with the fun stuff and things, we do not want to get our hand dirty, and our vanity plays the lead role in these.
There are plenty of ways to make money in life, but vanity is not a recommended way to do that, because it reduces our chances and some would not appreciate it.
We should always try to find the balance in our life, it means to keep us well in society with the friends / people around us.
Being critical and demanding to do something does not provide extensive opportunities for us, because a threshold will be set where some people cannot exceed that and they surely will evade themselves from us.
Flexibility is what we need in the world for peace and a better future where people accept the reality and appreciate those who can perform well with a thankful gesture.
We can talk about anything together and there will always be a solution, our entire life is based on this, with a fair way there will be an arrangement for every question or argument.
So afterwards everyone will be satisfied and cheerful with it to continue progress in good harmony, thus our effort won't be directly in vain because of an useless display of not wanting to do things.
Therewith we preclude any interesting people from us, while if we are interested and even talk together about it well, there will always something can be arranged to persevere in unanimity.
We must all realize that if someone comes to us is that because of confidence and that we must not confound, so if we can not meet on their requirements., we are on the losing side, and that is not forward-thinking option.
So we are far away from the surface and be vanity will make us deeper into the abyss of falling down through the loss of an opportunity.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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