If We Want to Achieve Greatness, Our Progression step should Not be Halted by Something seems to be Impossible.

If We Want to Achieve Greatness, Our Progression step should Not be Halted by Something seems to be Impossible
If we are honest to reminisce back, we all know that there was once a time and maybe still, we had big dreams for the future.
To achieve that we should never give up on our dream, because in dreams, everything is possible, so if we can keep fantasizing then our imagination may become reality.
We must continue to dream and hope that what we want is not impossible but it is achievable if we constantly persevere and not give up.
Straying from the substantiality and constantly imaginations can give us the courage to stay and believe in it.
Standing stable with our wishes and dreams can drive us into extreme performance and believe and knowing there is enough time to accomplish it all.
So we know and do not want to force things in our mind, because it does not have to be happened today or finish it directly.
If we think something is impracticable or infeasible then our dream is over, so we should never think of it, there is simply nothing that can be ruled out, because we are able to accomplish everything.
Nothing is unthinkable, and our opportunities can be endless if we are patient, which should contain our goal to turn the impossible into possible for ourselves or others.
Assume that something is impossible would mean that our dream will be dismissed and causing every possible step progression will be stopped, so we could never reach the greatness, but that is something immeasurable in our life.
We are no quitters to our thoughts and nobody can affect us by a statements that something is impossible, because there are also extraterrestrial things or is that unimaginable or unreal?
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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