Learning is an Infinite Process, Because there is no Shortcut to Success.

Learning is an Infinite Process, Because there is no Shortcut to Success
Proverbs inspire many people to truth with the chosen words that often occur, we are never too old to learn.
Our life is one big learning process, sometimes we think that we already know everything, but we might be surprised by our own ignorance.
There is so much curriculum in life and it is not possible to save it all in our memory, even a machine could not achieve that.
If we have chosen to pursue on a certain topic or theme, we certainly would like to know everything about it, and that also can be a big treasure hunt for us sometimes.
There are so many different subjects and matter about anything which will always pop up something new, and since then a detailed discussion on those topic can be in place.
Without knowing as much as possible about this, it is impossible for us to do well, so we'll need to first learn everything about the core of it in order to achieve success.
And even if we have examined and fully analyzed for everything, we still don't know all detailed substances about it, because pursuing the knowledge is just an endless process.
Each time new improvements or changes will be make again, in which we might not  familiar with it, and therefore we'll then be overwhelmed and were surprised about it.
If we self must take care for our own success must ensure,  there is no shortcut to it, because we must first absolutely learn everything extensively about it, so that we'll be aware of what we are doing and even then it is not ove
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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