To Earn More Respect, the Best Way is by Dropping our Emotional Baggage.

To Earn More Respect, the Best Way is by Dropping our Emotional Baggage
There are many things in our life which is unmanageable due to the shortage of knowledge, but controlling our emotions is one of the hardest things we have to deal with in our life.
Control ourselves and being composure is very important in the social community, thus we will be appreciated by many, but if we are sensitive and only have a little heart or fewer experience of life, then it is almost unmanageable.
Emotional conflicts give a shock to our nerves thus the blood will be flowing faster, then we might be in hot temper and says out too many unusual words at once with frustration and pain.
That can totally change us into another human being which we all lose control of ourselves and jump off the bridle, this will surprise others because they do not expect in advance that we are going to act like that.
Our own emotions may just be our greatest enemy and further create more foes, so always try to avoid being too emotional.
If our emotional baggage is too heavy, it will not fit in the overhead compartment, in other words, if it is too full, the society will not accept us.
We must always remain complete intellect and try to keep everything under control, even though it is often difficult, especially when we are getting hurt, but society does not accept too exuberant behaviour.
Excessive behavior is often uncontrollable and will not get recognized or accepted by the community, so if we want to be very sociable, do not let ourselves to be overreacted emotionally.
It is also better to earn more respect and keep the peace, by dropping of our emotional baggage, and we can also be more relaxed and open to reason.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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