It is Wise to be our Own Pilot and Not the Passenger in Someone Else's Steering.

It is Wise to be our Own Pilot and Not the Passenger in Someone Else's Steering
Let others be the example and to follow them is simple, this can be comfortable but it may cause problems in the future by having chosen a wrong character model.
Sometimes we are accommodating at a certain age or when we see anything that excite us, so we worked up to agitate something and want to do the same.
We are so impressed from that, it left a certain impression on us, so we want to mimic it, but that might have consequences.
Something is being taken over what often not is our inner peace or not suits by us, but on that moment it impressed or obsessed us.
This transformation is being followed by us at that time, therefore we may end up in the hands of someone else who can make abuse of it.
Often we did not notice it at that moment, because we are too busy with the subject, and that is our weakness, so we are enticed to make a wrong decision.
And then we no more have it under control and give steering to others who was given the opportunity to make it more exciting and attractive for us, so we maybe believe more in them.
Then we are no longer the pilot of our own life but the passenger who is led by the excitement of the happenings and been indulging on it.
Try to control every situation continuously where decisions are made and followed up by ourselves.
Be our own pilot at all times give us the advantages and is the wisest decision, to be a passenger is giving all the responsibilities and rights in other people's hands,  thereon is taking the subsequent risks.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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