The Best Formula to Live Happily is Be Quick to Apologize and Fast to Forgive

The Best Formula to Live Happily is Be Quick to Apologize and Fast to Forgive
Acceptance is an important issue in our life and also difficult to admit it in some cases, but that is very important if we want to get the inner peace for ourselves.
Think conveniently to have condone is easier said than done, and it is usually not effortless but what choice do we have sometimes?
We will only make life harder for ourselves as we directly go there at every unpleasant event, so our heart will beat faster and leave us frustrated due to the conflict which we are getting out of hand.
At such times we just need to use our mind and realize that we will be at all times loser if the situation are getting worsen and it is pointless for the future.
At such times we must be flexible and squeezing one eye to keep the peace, also it is possible that we ourselves evaluate the incident with the wrong judgement.
Then we shouldn't think for having any problem and should directly go ahead to offer an apology.
Or if the parties involved making a mistake by their responsibility and liability for being there, yet it is not difficult to give our forgiveness to them.
Life takes longer than just today and if we ourselves are going to feel the pressure due to the problem we have every day, then how can we be living happily?
Time is precious and irreplaceable, so its better let's just be relax and try to smile but at the same time seeking the solution for everything.
There simply are people in this world who do not have enough capacity to keep in their mind and therefore they use others deliberately, but we cannot stop them for that.
But we can stop to keep in touch with these people and forgive them if no solution can be found, thus we can continue to live our own way with a good feeling.
Time will tell everything in life, and we should "give our forgiveness" to some who've make the conscious mistakes ,while other who make unconscious mistakes,it's always better to "give an excuse to the victim", because in life we get what we deserve.
If we want to live according to a formula with inner peace, it is better to quickly forgive and forget, and make a necessary hasty apology if we are really offense against the humanity, the reward for us will be righteousness.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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