If the Situation Cannot be Changed, we Need to Adapt and Accept it as the Challenge of our Life.

If the Situation Cannot be Changed, we Need to Adapt and Accept it as the Challenge of our Life
The clock never stops for anything, everyone wants to go ahead and some people not respect the life of others, because they are emotionless without feelings.
They keep abusing the trust of others in order to obtain the benefits for themselves, but they totally not aware what damage can cause by the mindset and character attributes to their relationship.
Willfully do things with total self-awareness, but completely abused the trust and respect given by others on their assigned position.
They totally do not look at other parties who have given them a green light of confidence to create more extensive capabilities together because of thinking that they are doing well.
But perhaps they only need to look through their fingers, because this circumstances is just the way of their life and look to the future, because it takes longer than just today.
Some seeing it as not simple, because they are too busy with themselves for progression and therefore it is necessary to provide the information for themselves and their team.
They do not understand those who they abuse could apply the same to them after discovering it, take over their thoughts and know how they thinking of just getting the advantage from others and then can do the same back to them within the designated legal system.
We can turn the abuse to us into a useful weapon for ourselves, and with the research we do on the abuser we'll find the source, we can get the results after a certain period of time, then the extracted information can raise  an additional benefit for us.
What is done by the abuser is not to be missed, because by a good connection to the inside of this group / team, it will be easily to record the frequency and connections can be traced, so that in the future several options can be used with an appropriate consequences for those who are involved, because who laughs last, laughs best.
"If we want to change the world, we must first make the changes ourselves", let ourselves  be the best example to others and let a lawbreaker prevail by the justice system.
If we cannot change the situation at this time, we have to adapt to the occurrences and view it as a challenge to take it as precautions measures with a smile "if the apples are ripe, they are ready to be picked", and no need to request or give further information to the abuser.
This will hit hard to them as a surprise, but those who sow seeds must also reap it eventually.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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